Brachioplasty Surgery Dallas Texas

Until the development of plastic surgery in the cosmetic arena, getting rid of arm flab was a distant dream for many. With advancements in plastic surgery and more physicians looking to specialize different operations, diversity and specialty have grown by leaps and bounds. Undoubtedly, plastic surgeons can perform a standard surgery and follow protocols, but with extensive diversity in this field, choosing a surgeon who specializes in a specific procedure is ideal. See:

Arm Lift Surgery Dallas Texas

Brachioplasty is one procedure that gives best results when done by an experienced surgeon and can get rid of arm flab. Arm flab, or loose hanging skin in one’s arm can be embarrassing and annoying, if not demotivating for those who have lost oodles of weight.

When there’s weight loss, stored fat is flushed out from one’s body. However, with excessive stretching for a period of time, sagging skin is possible, especially in the arm. Unlike other areas in one’s body where skin sagging is less, arm flab tends to persist in spite of rigorous efforts. Especially if the individuals are young, this can be embarrassing and frustrating. Don’t worry! With
brachioplasty, arm flab is removed and individuals are left with firm and toned arms. Get rid of “bat wings” with brachioplasty. For details on the possibility of getting a surgeon today, call your local plastic surgeon’s office and request for arm lift surgery.

Brachioplasties ~ Who is it for?

Recommended for individuals who have lost weight, or for the elderly as they’re vulnerable to developing sagging arms or arm flab.

Brachioplasty helps eliminate excess flab and skin and also helps get toned arms. It also helps remove wrinkles that are due to loose skin.

An incision is done underneath the arm, the length of which will vary depending on the flab. The doctor will do a liposuction to remove any fat and then, suture the wound. In case the sutures aren’t self-dissolving and need removal, a follow-up appointment is required. The physician will decide the appointment according to the requirements of the individual in question.

The duration of the surgery can vary with every patient, though it is typically a few hours.

Post surgery recovery takes 2 – 3 weeks. Since the arms aren’t fully functional during the recuperation period, it is important to take extended leave and calculate a few additional days for unprecedented changes in the recovery schedule. Without any after-surgery complications, a month is what most need for recuperation.